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Your Website: The Window Into Your Brand's Soul

There is a constant background drone about the need for your website to be more than just a digital brochure, to go beyond mere eye candy and generate quality leads. We are constantly being admonished by the digertati to quantify everything we do, to look at our analytics and measure the ROI of our site and our email and blogging efforts.


While all of this is certainly true, our daily quest to quantify everything sometimes comes at the expense of conveying who we actually are and generating an emotional connection with our audience.

Michael Troiano, CFO of Actifio, gave a recent talk at Inbound15’—the gathering place of all that is true and pure in the world of inbound marketing. He spoke about how a brand is the world’s collective emotional response, that “it guides people toward or away from what you’re selling.” A brand is more than just a collection of images and statement. It’s a feeling. Troiano says, “If you want to change what someone does, you need to change what they feel, not just what they think.”

So often in today’s hyper-quantified world, we get caught up in measuring everything and fail to generate emotional connections and real meaning, particularly in the digital realm.

Here are four questions to ask yourself when developing your brand story:

  1. Does my website truly represent who we are?
  1. Does it tell a story about us?
  1. Does it form a connection with my desired audience?
  1. Does it deepen my customers’ or potential customers’ reasons for wanting to do business with us?

Are you trying so hard to get that qualified new lead, to get people to download a piece of content and offer up their email, that you are overlooking the bigger picture: the desire to forge a connection and elicit an emotional response?

Branding is storytelling in its most basic form. It’s really that simple. Tell your story, tell it well, tell it consistently, deliver on it, and your brand will begin to register in the minds of your customers.

As consumers, we are constantly being barraged by messages to do this or do that. We have nanoseconds in which we form opinions and make decisions. As marketers, we sometimes forget that we need to put ourselves in the position of our target customer or consumer. What is it that customers really care about? Think beyond knee-jerk opinions. What do they really want? What are the emotional cues they will respond to? Take some time and put yourself in your customers' emotional shoes. Identify their desires and tell your story simply and consistently.

Use your site to allow your customer to dig a little deeper and discover your story and who you really are. Your website is the window into your brand's soul—let them take a peek.



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