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Chewing Gum, Engaging Your Audience, And The Power of Storytelling

It's a good, old-fashioned love story with excellent breath. The new Wrigley's Extra video builds on the power of Wrigley's Origami ad by adding a love story with a fresh twist. The video features a young couple, Sarah and Juan, moving through the moments in their lives with the help of Wrigley's gum, and it culminates in a heart-warming montage of gum wrappers that document the couples' journey from high school sweethearts to a marriage proposal. As you develop your brand story, what can Wrigley's new ad teach you about brand marketing?

power of storytelling

Understanding Your Story

When you're advertising, you may think that you're trying to sell a product, but you're really building the story. People love stories. Thousands of years ago, people sat around fires using stories to teach and entertain, and we still tell stories today. Granted, today we may regale our friends on Facebook or in the office break room, but the tales we tell are still full of emotion and amusement.

What makes your corporate identity different, and how can you weave this story into the tales you tell about your products? The objects or services that you sell are much more than their attributes. For example, while you may have the smoothest-flowing pen on the market, you need to weave that difference into the story about your product. Who's been stymied by a pen that won't work just as you're about to write an important check or sign a key document? Your job is to find the intersection between your brand's attributes and the moments that many of us share and turn these into a unique story that can make your product memorable.

Find a Common Thread

When you're building your brand story, consider some of those human moments that can connect many different people to your brand. If you're selling scented laundry soap, how are people connected to that smell? Is it the soap that your grandma used to use that brings back memories of running through the laundry on the clothesline? Is it the soap that you smell when you're at the club and everyone's dancing hard? Do your research about your target audiences and decide what thread to pull on, then craft your story around it. How will you make an emotional connection with your prospective customers? With the power of storytelling.

Choose Your Brand Persona

As you build your stories about your products, you're building a brand persona. Consider what you'd like the entire building to look like before you create each room. In the case of Wrigley's Extra, the gum brand already had success with its Origami ad, a heartfelt look at the relationship between a father and a child. For Wrigley's, nostalgia and relationship work as a brand sales pitch. This touching emotion is their current brand persona.

Use Positive Emotion

The most recent Wrigley's video shows the benefit of connecting people to a brand using strong positive emotions, ones that you might not normally connect with a stick of gum. While worry and fear make an impression, many of the best stories also use humor, nostalgia, compassion, and camaraderie to draw people in to enjoy their brand. As you develop your story, how will you use these positive emotions to connect people to your brand?

We don't always remember why a product's features are better than others, but we remember stories. By focusing on developing your unique brand story and weaving in the stories of each of your specific products, you cultivate a strong emotional connection to your brand.



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