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Alex Kahan - President

Harmony in the Cubicle: Six Steps to a Successful Internship Program

By Alex Kahan - President October 19, 2015
Ah yes, the intern, that staple of office life that has been both glorified and mocked on the..

How to Make Brand Stories Contribute to Your Brand Narrative

By Alex Kahan - President October 12, 2015

Storytelling extends back as far as human communication, and it’s still germane in the..

Finding New Sales Leads. The Top Three Low Hanging Fruit.

By Alex Kahan - President July 9, 2015

So much has been written about finding new sales leads and lead generation in general that I..

How to Become a Thought Leader through Blogging

By Alex Kahan - President June 12, 2015

What Mom, Dad, and Baseball Taught Me About Blogging

Thought Leader---Wow! That is a title I..

Confessions of an Outbound Marketer

By Alex Kahan - President June 8, 2015

Ok, I confess. I love outbound marketing. I love everything about it. the way it sounds the way..


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