Fake News, Alternative Facts, and Marketing in a Post-Truth World

Posted by Andi Diehn - Editor
on February 16, 2017



“Tell all the truth but tell it slant.”
-Emily Dickinson

We’re at an interesting point in the history of communication. Here in the United States, stories about fake news, alternative facts, and a post-truth world are part of our daily media consumption. It can be tough to know who to trust when facts seem to be deteriorating at the highest levels of leadership.

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How to Optimize Your Page Ranking on Search Engine Results

Posted by Ross Malaguti - Digital Marketing Manager
on February 14, 2017



In order to be successful in search engine optimization (SEO), you need to forget anything you might have learned during the last decade.


Because SEO has changed dramatically, and will change again shortly, as search engines aim to deliver the most accurate search results. This can make it difficult for businesses that don’t have a dedicated person to stay on top of SEO, because it’s in constant flux. But there are some practices to keep in mind that should help you for the long haul.

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How to Market in an Attention Deficit World

Posted by Alex Kahan - President
on February 9, 2017



Goldfish have a longer attention span than humans.

No, this is not fake news or a salacious headline designed to generate clicks.  Believe it or not, there is real scientific data to back this up.

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The Best Way to Move Your Marketing Effort Forward

Posted by Mark Schiffman - Senior Vice President
on February 2, 2017

“The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.” --Lorne Michaels, creator and producer of Saturday Night Live.

Sound familiar? It’s a rephrasing of a slightly older, but no less valuable lesson often attributed to the French poet Voltaire, “the best is the enemy of the good.”

That’s advice we often find ourselves sharing with our clients. We share it in hopes of giving them (and you) the license to move ahead, to know that it’s almost always the right move to stop perseverating and put your best foot forward, even if your shoes aren’t perfectly tied.

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What Do a Dinner Party and an Inbound Marketing Campaign Have in Common?

Posted by Rachel Benoit - Director of Marketing
on January 26, 2017


What do putting on a memorable dinner party and creating a great inbound marketing campaign have in common? Planning, details, and understanding who you are “cooking” for.

Both marketing and catering come down to the details.

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Topics: Marketing & Branding, Business, Inbound

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